Saint Saviour’s School of Dance  

The Saint Saviour’s School of Dance is anchored by the conviction that practicing the art of dance builds confidence in everyday life.  The School offers many levels of instruction to children and adults in a variety of dance forms including ballet, jazz, tap, lyric, and Irish dancing. The School provides encouragement and support to students of widely varying experience and ability, and building a sense of community among students is an important part of the School’s mission.  The School of Dance has been part of Saint Saviour’s mission for over fifteen years.  The School exists for the children of parishioners and, as space is available, for children from the wider community.  Dance School faculty members are certified by Dance Masters of America and Dance Educators of America, and teachers regularly participate in workshops and classes to develop new ideas and teaching techniques. Saint Saviour’s oversees the operation of the School of Dance through a School Committee.  The Committee’s chairperson and the School treasurer are parishioners appointed by the parish vestry, and the rector and a parent representative round out Committee membership. 

If you would like to learn more about the Saint Saviour’s School of Dance, please call Scott Sisbarro, School Director (203-637-8555), or take a look at the Dance School's website at