Saint Saviour's Church
Old Greenwich, CT

Adult Spiritual Formation


Saint Saviour’s offers Bible studies and other book discussions (fiction and non-fiction) throughout the year.  We usually meet in the chapel on Tuesday evenings or on Sundays mornings.  A brochure outlining upcoming discussions is available.  In our discussions, we try to connect our own experiences with what an author has to say about life before God.  This connection is a particularly important part of Adult Inquirers classes held, usually during Lent, to help prepare men and women for baptism, confirmation, or reception into the Episcopal Church. In addition, we have the opportunity to hear from guests who talk with us about particular aspects of Christian life or about social or environmental problems that confront God’s other creatures.  We also have occasional quiet days and retreats. 


If you would like to learn more about upcoming classes or programs, or if you have ideas for programs or events you would like to see in the future, please speak with the rector.



The mission of outreach at Saint Saviour’s Church is to actively support people in need – both locally and around the world.  We work to achieve our mission through outreach grants and personal contact.  We also seek opportunities for fellowship with members of area parishes.  Our hope is to build relationships that might afford 

us the opportunity for shared mission activity in the future. Among the activitiesin which we have recently engaged are the following:   

*         collecting school supplies for children of an impoverished parish in the South Bronx

*         providing food for the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank;

        supporting the ministry of L’Eglise de l’Epiphanie, a Haitian

           congregation in Stamford;

*         parish sponsorship of the Bishop’s Fund for Children race and fair; and

*         supporting the efforts of parishioners making mission trips to the Dominican      

           Republic, Haiti, Colombia, and El Salvador.  


Working in cooperation with the Sunday School, Saint Saviour’s also  

*          undertook a children’s book drive to help needy children;

*          collected and assembled baskets of household and baby items for the Family Re- entry program (which helps people recently released from prison); and

*          participated in Operation Christmas Child, collecting and donating small gifts for disadvantaged children around the world.   


In the future, we would like to expand our activities by actively supporting another parish, either overseas or our immediate community. The Outreach Committee presently meets every other month and welcomes the participation of anybody who would like to reach out to others.

Saint Saviour’s Nursery School  

Saint Saviour’s Nursery School has been part of the parish’s mission for over thirty years.  The School was founded to help the children and families of parishioners and, as space is available, the children and families of the wider community.  Although the Nursery School is non-sectarian, it helps the parish carry out its mission to care for youngsters and their families in ways that communicate God’s love.  The School provides a developmentally appropriate, constructive program that helps children grow in independence, concern for others, and readiness for future educational experiences.  Children of all races, religions, family backgrounds, and cultures are welcomed and treated with respect. 


The small size of the Nursery School allows teachers to know each child and to appreciate each child’s unique abilities.  At the center of daily activity is a literature-based curriculum that celebrates improvisation and encourages communication.  Children are encouraged to explore their experiences of a story through art and drama and through the use of blocks and sensory tables. All teachers at Saint Saviour’s Nursery School have either received or are working towards a Child Development Associate credential, or they have a higher degree in education.  Many of the School’s staff members have over ten years of experience working in early child education.  The Nursery School is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. 


Supportive communication with families is an important part of the Nursery School’s approach.  The School offers many opportunities for children, parents, and teachers to share with each other through conferences, newsletters, and other methods. The parish oversees the Nursery School through the work of a School Committee.  Parishioners appointed by the vestry serve as chairperson of the School Committee and as School treasurer.  Parishioners, parent representatives, and the rector also serve as Committee members. 


If you would like to learn more about the Saint Saviour’s Nursery School, please call Kathy Stewart, School Director (203-698-1303), or take a look at the Nursery School's website at

Saint Saviour’s School of Dance  

The Saint Saviour’s School of Dance is anchored by the conviction that practicing the art of dance builds confidence in everyday life.  The School offers many levels of instruction to children and adults in a variety of dance forms including ballet, jazz, tap, lyric, and Irish dancing. The School provides encouragement and support to students of widely varying experience and ability, and building a sense of community among students is an important part of the School’s mission.  The School of Dance has been part of Saint Saviour’s mission for over fifteen years.  The School exists for the children of parishioners and, as space is available, for children from the wider community.  Dance School faculty members are certified by Dance Masters of America and Dance Educators of America, and teachers regularly participate in workshops and classes to develop new ideas and teaching techniques. Saint Saviour’s oversees the operation of the School of Dance through a School Committee.  The Committee’s chairperson and the School treasurer are parishioners appointed by the parish vestry, and the rector and a parent representative round out Committee membership. 

If you would like to learn more about the Saint Saviour’s School of Dance, please call Scott Sisbarro, School Director (203-637-8555), or take a look at the Dance School's website at